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Jennifer Eolin started being creative at an early age. Being a victim of nepotism, her dad cast her in a local commercial for a department store. Her role, to look like a happy little girl in jammies. What actually occurred? Looking sheepish and scared in jammies. Nevertheless, a diva was born. After graduating from Ithaca College in NY, Jennifer Eolin moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television. In her first year, she landed a job as a writers’ assistant on Seinfeld. Two years later she wrote an episode for ABC’s It’s Like You Know and was commissioned to write an episode of Kevin Smith's show, Clerks: The Animated Series. (PS - She is still bitter that the show was up against Survivor, thus ending Clerks run pre-maturely.) In 2000, after the decline in sitcoms (THANKS, SURVIVOR!) she worked as a writer and field producer for Blind Date, Change of Heart, House Calls, elimiDATE, Bud.TV, House Hunters and House Hunters International . Jennifer has also written two industrial films and a special for E! Entertainment Television. In 2008, she received a Silver Telly for writing an hour-long documentary, Echo Taps. Jennifer is also the host of a popular blog. Her comedic blogs (which range in topic from reality TV reviews, to “angry letters” and stories from her life) are often picked up by other websites such as, and In late 2008, the LA Times Sunday Magazine noticed her blog and picked up her “angry” letters as a monthly feature. (PS – She is also bitter that Tribune went belly up only after 4 of her columns ran. Oh yes, she holds grudges.) When Jennifer isn’t writing, she’s acting. She studied improv since 1999 with Los Angeles TheatreSports and LA ComedySportz. She has performed with other improv groups in Ventura, San Diego and San Francisco. In 2004, she was part of the team that won the West Coast TheatreSports Tournament championship and in 2005, she won the title all by herself (which she will readily talk about if asked). Jennifer also made her debut in 2004 playing a supporting role in the movie, LolliLove (written and directed by Jenna Fischer from NBC’s The Office). In 2006, Jennifer made the leap into stand-up comedy and performed at The Hollywood Improv. Also, Jennifer has been cast in several comedic shows/webseries as well as series regulars for pilots on VH-1 and Oxygen. In 2009, Jennifer left LA (take THAT, Survivor!) and headed east. Jennifer lives in New York City, can be seen performing improv regularly with ComedySportz NYC at The Broadway Comedy Club. And let it be known… she is still a diva.

This Little Piggy Had Popcorn

Being a connoisseur of bacon I’ve tried a lot of products. A LOT. Some good. Very very mouth watering good. And some bad. Hideously awful terrible yuck-face bad. I once had the displeasure of trying bacon flavored popcorn that was so greasy that the bag was wet before it was even popped. Ga-ross.


I’m a little late to the party on these first two items thanks to my stupid life getting in the way of my bacon-loving lifestyle! But I still wanted to share, cuz I’m suuuuuuch a nice person.


A good friend on mine (who had already bought me Bacon Bandages cuz she’s AWESOME) recently sent me this mini-comic book called, Is It Bacon? by Matt Wiegle.

UPDATE in the World of BACON

Hello, Bacon Today readers! I have many things to tell you, all relating to bacon. (Naturally, what else?) So sit back and enjoy.

Lady Gaga: A Vision in Meat

2 words I never thought would go together: MEAT and DRESS.

But then you add these 2 words and it all makes sense: LADY and GAGA.

17 Mouthwatering Facts About Bacon

Did you know that bacon started in China around 1500 BC? Yeah, neither did I! (I’m not exactly sure where and when I thought bacon was “born” but I know I wasn’t thinking it was during the Shang Dynasty.)