Bacon Cupcakes (almost)

And so the bacon spreads…

Hot on the heels of our successful experiments with bacon brownies and bacon cinnamon rolls, I decided that I was going to try to make bacon cupcakes. And I will… eventually. But first I did a little search to see if anyone else had already done it. I thought I might find a good recipe to try or perhaps a warning against trying such a concoction.

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Sure enough, it’s out there. The trusty San Francisco Yelp had a little blurb about some maple bacon cupcakes from the Cups and Cakes Bakery. According to one reader, “Jesus has returned in the form of a half-dollar sized Maple Bacon cupcake.” Bold statement. Delicious nonetheless, I’m sure.

Have any of you been up to the Bay recently? Try one for yourself and send us a Smaste™ rating.

— Mike

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  1. bibliogrrl says:

    My best friend made some Maple Bacon cupcakes back in May – deglazed the bacon wit Maple, made maple frosting. They were wonderful.

    There is a bakery here in Chicago (Bleeding Heart) that makes a Peanut Butter Bacon cupcake, but my feeling is that the PB would adulterate the bacon. I refuse to try it.

  2. Mom says:

    I was going to suggest that you send your sister on a maple bacon cupcake hunt but the website looks as if it is a mail-order site – upon further checking, I learned that they don’t have a retail store. (Although they do deliver in the SF area). On the good side, they will send your maple bacon cupcake right to you. Interesting that the same bakery that does maple bacon cupcakes also does vegan cupcakes.

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