Bouquet of Bacon Roses

On your next anniversary or any other special occasion, don’t get your sweetheart the traditional bouquet of red roses. Get them some bacon roses.

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Things you will need. (Because there’s more to this than just bacon… Duh.)
BACON – regular pack and thick cut if you want different sizes of roses. Otherwise, just use the same kinds of bacon- 2 packs
– Rose Stems (Find a bouquet of fake roses at Walmart, Joann’s, or any other craft store.)
– Mini Muffin Pan
– Broiler Pan
– Drill with bit (1/8″ bit, but any similar size will work)
– Glass Vase (If you want it to look nice.)
– Gravel or marbles (Or any other item of similar weight and size to put inside the vase… Again, this is only if you want it to look like a classy bouquet of bacon roses. Presentation is everything, buddy.)

Drill holes in the bottom of the muffin pan. This will allow the grease to drain when cooking the bacon.
Place the muffin pan on top of the broiler pan.

Preheat the oven to 375 Degrees Fahrenheit

Open the bacon and begin tightly rolling the roses, one piece at a time. Start with the widest end of the bacon, with the fat edge down. The different cuts of bacon will create different sizes of roses. Some will look more “bloomed” than others.

Place all of the bacon in the muffin pans pushing down slightly to “seat” them. The bottoms will flair out a bit.

Place in the oven and cook for 30-40 minutes. Check in on them occasionally. Sometimes you will have to lift the rose so the grease will drain out the pan.
While waiting for the buds to cook, you can start working on the stems.
Pull all of the roses off from the stems.
Pull the green backing off from the rose and then separate it into individual parts.
Discard the petals and center red piece. Reassemble the remaining green parts as shown.
Put the green piece back on the stem, but force it down so that roughly 1″ of the stem protrudes.
You can tape the stems together at this point, but this is optional.
Put the stems in your vase and fill with gravel or marbles to hold them in place.
When the bacon buds are done, remove from the oven and place on paper towel to cool.

You’ll now have a variety of rose buds to choose from. Pick your favorites and slide them onto the protruding stems. Arrange the roses to your liking and then present the aromatic bouquet to your favorite bacon fanatic!


Step-by-step photos and instructions from:Instructables

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  1. huiyee says:

    hi there, do u mind if i use the bacon roses image for my article to be published on my uni’s newspaper? will credit ur website accordingly :))

  2. TM says:

    I want to make this bacon bouquet for my boyfriend but were long distance. Does anyone know how I can send this in the mail and still keep it fresh

  3. Angelica Brown says:

    Hmm, Wouldn’t it be cool to get the red-colored chocolate and paint the bacon roses with it? Or just some kind of coloured chocolate?

    • Kalyn says:

      Yikes!! I wish I would’ve seen this blog first before heading to the market and buying 4 lbs of bacon for my husband for Father’s Day. I should probably take the kids somewhere tomorrow at least until the effects of the bacon high wear off. Nobody warned me it was like bath salts and it would make him turn all cannibalistic and stuff.

  4. Caketroll says:

    I would like to try these, as I am not happy having flowers in my house, but what if I get the urge to eat my neighbour afterwards, could I plead not guilty by reason of baconess as opposed to drunkeness?

  5. ObiJon says:

    I love bacon roses, but Dan is totally right! I made these, and my VERY next thought was “Now I’m gonna try it with people.”
    And @Katie, I can’t believe there’s another Rhett and Link fan out there! Represent!

  6. jennxsomething says:

    Say I wanted to do chocolate covered bacon roses. (Just the tips) I’m assuming I should probably eat a few people before dipping the bacon in chocolate fist? Or save the cannibalistic ways for afterwards?

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