Chocolate Bacon Roses

Chocolate Bacon Roses

bacon chocolate roses recipe

Who wouldn’t want to receive bacon roses on Valentine’s Day? Let’s face it: real roses are kinda boring, been there, done that. Sure, they smell good, but BACON roses smell 1 million times better! And bacon roses definitely taste better… And now they can be just as pretty. We used red and milk chocolate to create a “realistic” looking rose that any one would be delighted to receive. You can use whatever type of chocolate you prefer. Colored melting chocolates are available at Michael’s or you can dye white chocolate using either powdered or oil-based food coloring.

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1 lb. thick-cut bacon
Milk, dark or white chocolate
Red melting chocolate
Red nonpareils sprinkles
Plastic rose stems from a craft store, roses removed

bacon chocolate roses recipe


1. Tightly roll the bacon into a slight cone shape and insert 2 toothpicks to hold the shape. On a wire rack with a rimmed baking sheet underneath, bake the roses for 25 to 30 min at 350° F. Allow to cool completely, then remove toothpicks.

2. Bottom end first, dip the roses into the melted milk chocolate. This creates an air bubble so the chocolate doesn’t fill in the cavity. You can sub the milk chocolate for dark chocolate or white chocolate. Let the milk chocolate set, then dip just the top of the rose in the melted red chocolate and sprinkle with red nonpareils sprinkles. Allow to set.

3. Using a toothpick, break the thin layer of chocolate covering the cavity and stick the roses on the stems. Place the stems in a vase and deliver to your delighted Valentine. Cross your fingers and hope they will share.

bacon chocolate roses recipe

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