The Bacon Cupcake Compendium

What is it about a cupcake that fills our hearts with so much joy and happiness? Not to mention, our mouths… Pictures of cupcakes are like pictures of babies and puppies. They make you ooh and aah, even if you don’t particularly care for babies or puppies. You just can’t avoid the jaw-dropping effect. Cupcake. Jaw drop. It’s hard-wired into us.

A cupcake makes you want to stuff it in your face AND nibble at it with delicate, dainty little bites, all at the same time. Few foods have this dual effect. That’s because they make you want to consume them as quickly as is humanly possible, AND make them last as long as is humanly possible. Call it the Cupcake Conundrum.

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And while almost all food strives to be visually appealing, there’s a particular art to Cupcake Decoration. From the wrapper to the toppings, cupcakes are designed to be so perfectly pretty, you almost don’t want to eat them. The key word being “almost…”

And all of this heavenliness fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s no wonder that people are obsessed with cupcakes almost as much as they’re obsessed with bacon! So we’ve scoured the web for the very best bacon cupcake recipes, now that fall is here and the cool weather’s got us in a baking mood. Bookmark this thread for the next time you attempt to achieve bacon cupcake perfection in the kitchen.

Chocolate Bacon with Caramel Cupcake

chocolate-cupcake-with-bacon-with caramel drizzel from cleverly inspired

More like caraSWELL.

French Toast & Bacon Cupcake

french-toast-and-bacon-cupcakes-from mamabblog

Oui, oui.

Bacon Margarita Cupcake


Si, si.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Bacon Cupcake

peanut butter with choclate bacon from ourtwokitchens

More like peanut better.

Waffle Cupcakes with Hazelnut, Amaretto Frosting and Bourbon Caramel Cupcake

Bacon-Waffle-Cupcakes with bourbon caramel and hazelnut from

You had me at waffle.

Chocolate Guinness with Maple Frosting Cupcake

guiness cupcakes from just putzing

I GUinnESS these would be good.

Banana Cupcakes with Marshmallow Vanilla Bean Frosting Cupcake

vanilla bean banana cupcake with marshmallow frosting

Where have you bean all my life?

Candied Maple Bacon Cupcake

candied maple_bacon cupcake

I’ve canDIED and gone to heaven.

Chocolate with Maple Buttercream Cupcake

chocolate bacon cupcakes with maple buttercream from

More like butterDREAM!

Beer Batter with Candied Praline Bacon Cupcake


PRAYline that someone will make these for you.

Nutella and Bacon

nutella-bacon-cupcake from notyourmommascookie

Oh-so neatella!

Butter Cake with Maple Bacon Frosting Cupcake

maple bacon cupcake

Like bacon, butter makes everything better.

Banana Bacon with Peanut Butter Frosting Cupcake

banana peanut butter

Elvis would approve.

Vanilla Bacon with “Pork Belly” Caramel Cupcake


Get in my belly!

Double Chocolate Cupcake


Double deliciousness.

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